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Pilot's Bar Bingo

Looking for the hottest bar bingo in Minnesota?  Piay Pilot's MeagSota Game Nite every Tuesday, MegaWins Day every Wednesday, megabarbingo™ weekdays at the lunch hour and Happy Hour...and you can play Flash Bingo whenever you want, any day of the week!!  

Pilot TV

Pilot's Bingo event games are supported by LIVE, hosted Pilot TV.  No special equipment needed for the most entertaining bingo content available! 

Biggest Network. Lowest Linked Bingo Fees.

Over 1,300 bars and clubs in MN are linked together for the largest bingo network anywhere!  The largest network means your players can win the biggest and most frequent Jackpots.  On top of it all, Pilot's Linked BIngo Provider Fee is only 15% - the lowest in the State!!  If you don't have Pilot, get in touch with your Distributor - it's free to install.

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